Friday, June 13, 2008

Paan Liquor

If you are thinking this post is about a Wine or some related to it, well sorry for the disappointment. I ain't no wine expert, still I'll try to explain what Paan liquor is.

Paan Liquor is low alcohol content drink (that's what we were told at least) with a really really strong fragrance of Paan, which must be obvious by now. The thing about Paan liquor is that its highly concentrated, almost like a perfume, and is harder for the throat than a Vodka. The proper way of consuming it is that you take a few drops on your tongue and roll it. The drops evaporate in the mouth itself leaving behind a sweetest-ly sweet PAAN taste on the tongue. Going by this algorithm, it took us nearly 2hrs to windup an odd 30-40ml glass of this EXOTIC drink.

The drink wouldn't have so much of significance had it come at a wrong time, wrong place. It came at the climax of a day hard-to-forget. Paan Liquor was the essence of every single moment spent in careless, senseless, overly-expensive and some outrageous acts that very day. A day where you could talk without regrets, eat luxuries (with regrets later) and just forget everything else. The day came as a savior in the midst of crazy flow of emotions, towards the ending of our College life.

Ecstasy without taking Ecstasy. I shall call the day "The Paan Liquor Day".


Mogambo said...

Where can I buy this paan liquor in US?

Raman said...

Hi mogambo,
As i said - to the best of my Knowledge it comes from Sikkim, India. Try googling for it. that would be of a better help to you than me.

Bhavesh said...

Where can i buy this paan liquor in london?

Anonymous said...
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Raman said...

this is something i have already answered in my comment bhavesh. i am not publicizing the liquor as such.